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No Visitors After Midnight

Tom Waits live in London 1979 & Live in Chicago 1975

Live at BBC 1979 For TV Show "Live In Person"
- With a suitcase
- Never talk to strangers
- Step right up
- On the nickel
- Red shoes by the drugstore
- Burma
- Kentucky avenue
- Small change
- Closing time

Live in Chicago at PBS Soundstage 1975
- Eggs sausage
- Semi suite
- Diamonds on my windsheld
- Drunk on the moon
- Better off without a wife
- Nightwalk postcards
- The heart of saturday night
- San Diego Serenade

The Circle

From the USA Today:

Dustin Hoffman's college graduate Ben Braddock struggled with his future prospects in the 1967 classic The Graduate.

Fifty years later, it's Emma Watson as new grad Mae Holland who grapples with her destiny in The Circle (in theaters April 28), seen here in an exclusive trailer and sneak-peek photos.

"Mae asks many of the same questions. She’s struggling, living with her parents, looking for meaning and frustrated," says Circle director James Ponsoldt. "She lands her dream job. Then things start to get weird."

Craig Morgan Teicher - New Jersey

I was afraid the past would catch up with me,
would find this new house too like the scarred
old childhood home. But it hasn’t yet. A tree
casts soft and gentle shade over our green yard.
I feel forgiven all the sins I didn’t commit
for long minutes at a time. What were they?
I can’t now think of anything wrong with me—I fit
in these rooms, can mostly agree to each day.
For long minutes I don’t even blame my mother
for dying, my father for spending years in bed.
My little traumas are just souvenirs of other
lives, of places I might have once visited.
I’m mostly a father here, a husband, barely a son.
The big sun rises early here, as I do, with everyone.

Austra - Future Politics

Produced by: Partizan
Director: Allie Avital
Executive Producer: Laura Jones
Producer: Cailin Lowry
DP: Martim Vian
Color: Company 3
Editors: Allie Avital and Jojo King
Production Designer: Anthony Ruff
Stylist: Lisa Madonna
Produced by: Partizan
Director: Allie Avital
Executive Producer: Laura Jones
Producer: Cailin Lowry
DP: Martim Vian
Color: Jaime OBradovich @ Company 3
Editors: Allie Avital and Jojo King
Production Designer: Anthony Ruff
Stylist: Lisa Madonna
"Future Politics is the breaking down of paradigms. In this video, we wanted to explore what a world might look like if our values were transformed: instead of glorifying labour, maybe we could learn to glorify the act of doing absolutely nothing.”

Helen Marten wins Turner prize

From The Guardian:

Helen Marten has sealed her position as one of the UK’s most exciting young artists after being named the winner of the 2016 Turner prize, her second big award in the space of a month.

The 31-year-old artist, who was born in Macclesfield, was presented with her £25,000 prize by the writer Ben Okri at a ceremony at London’s Tate Britain gallery.

It comes only weeks after she won the £30,000 Hepworth Prize for Sculpture. On that occasion Marten announced from the stage that she would be sharing the winnings with her fellow artists and she later confirmed she would be doing the same thing with the Turner Prize. “I don’t feel I need to politicise that gesture,” she said. “I can do it quietly.”

Concerning Westworld

SCENE VI. Friar Laurence's cell.



So smile the heavens upon this holy act,
That after hours with sorrow chide us not!



Amen, amen! but come what sorrow can,
It cannot countervail the exchange of joy
That one short minute gives me in her sight:
Do thou but close our hands with holy words,
Then love-devouring death do what he dare;
It is enough I may but call her mine.



These violent delights have violent ends
And in their triumph die, like fire and powder,
Which as they kiss consume: the sweetest honey
Is loathsome in his own deliciousness
And in the taste confounds the appetite:
Therefore love moderately; long love doth so;
Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow.

     Enter JULIET

Here comes the lady: O, so light a foot
Will ne'er wear out the everlasting flint:
A lover may bestride the gossamer
That idles in the wanton summer air,
And yet not fall; so light is vanity.



Good even to my ghostly confessor.



Romeo shall thank thee, daughter, for us both.



As much to him, else is his thanks too much.



Ah, Juliet, if the measure of thy joy
Be heap'd like mine and that thy skill be more
To blazon it, then sweeten with thy breath
This neighbour air, and let rich music's tongue
Unfold the imagined happiness that both
Receive in either by this dear encounter.



Conceit, more rich in matter than in words,
Brags of his substance, not of ornament:
They are but beggars that can count their worth;
But my true love is grown to such excess
I cannot sum up sum of half my wealth.



Come, come with me, and we will make short work;
For, by your leaves, you shall not stay alone
Till holy church incorporate two in one.


Robin Richardson - The Most Expensive

Figured marry for money the stainlessness of it
thermostatic shower simulates but isn’t rain
I simulate rain too. I do lines off a photo
of the lunar landing he says is make-believe
I don’t know the difference most of the things
most of the time are as if our Brooklyn Bridge
selfies aren’t faked to goad our favorite exes
as if my diet of carrots and cayenne is ’cause
nothing tastes as good as skinny makes money
makes the bed and stands beside us like a parent
with poor boundaries who just wants us
to be happy. Mommy’s money takes her
to Key West where she sends pictures of a cat
on king-sized everything says Hemingway
had money, honey! Figured I’d money myself
into perpetuity as if anything weren’t working
back to nothing. Figured marry but got thinking
now the money keeps itself to itself in Park Slope
in a Whole Foods growing greener.