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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Debaixo de Água.

Akademie für alte Musik Berlin
Georg Kallweit, violino, direção

G.F. Händel 1685-1759

Water Music, HWV 348-350
- Overture: Largo-Allegro
- Adagio e staccato
- Allegro / Andante / Allegro da capo
- Allegro
- Air
- Minuet
- Bourrée
- Hornpipe
- Allegro moderato
- Allegro
- Alla hornpipe
- Minuet
- Rigaudon 1 / Rigaudon 2 / Rigaudon 1 - Lentement
- Bourrée
- Minuet 1 / Minuet 2
- Gigue 1 / Gigue 2 da capo
- Minuet

Lydia Davis – Handel

I have a problem in my marriage, which is that I simply do not like George Frideric Handel as much as my husband does. It is a real barrier between us. I am envious of one couple we know, for example, who both love Handel so much they will sometimes fly all the way to Texas just to hear a particular tenor sing a part in one of his operas. By now, they have also converted another friend of ours into a lover of Handel. I am surprised, because the last time she and I talked about music, what she loved was Hank Williams. All three of them went by train to Washington, D.C., this year to hear Giulio Cesare in Egitto. I prefer the composers of the nineteenth century and particularly Dvořák. But I’m pretty open to all sorts of music, and usually if I’m exposed to something long enough, I come to like it. But even though my husband puts on some sort of Handel vocal music almost every night if I don’t say anything to stop him, I have not come to love Handel. Fortunately, I have just found out that there is a therapist not too far from here, in Lenox, Massachusetts, who specializes in Handel-therapy, and I’m going to give her a try. (My husband does not believe in therapy and I know he would not go to a Dvořák-therapist with me even if there was one.)


In ‘Can’t and Won’t’

Agitata da due venti.

• Vivica Genaux & Concerto Köln at Schwetzinger festspiele


00:00 • Vivaldi: Agitata da due venti - Griselda
05:49 • Handel: L'armi implora dal tuo figlio - Alessandro
14:28 • Handel: Sta nell'Ircana - Alcina
20:59 • Hasse: Piange quel fonte - Numa Pompilio
35:17 • Hasse: Di quel acciaio - Solimano