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Comfortable Cruising Altitude

Nico Muhly - Comfortable Cruising Altitude // Bang on a Can All-Stars: Ashley Bathgate, cello; Robert Black, bass; Vicky Chow, piano; David Cossin, percussion; Derek Johnson, guitar; Ken Thomson, single reeds. From 2017 PCF Concert at Merkin Hall Jan 9. Video by Ross Karre Arts Documentation.


Tipo . "Acção/Reacção"
Edição: Pataca Discos, DP 00217, 26 junho 2017

. Vídeo
Conceito: Salvador Menezes
Realização: Manuel Garcia
Assistente de Realização: João Costa
Director de fotografia: João Souza
Iluminação: Side Effects
Produção: We Are Plastic Too
Hairstylist e makeup: Caetana Menezes

. Música
Gravação por Luís Nunes e Salvador Menezes
Mistura por Luís Nunes
Masterização por Alan Douches – West Westside Music
Produzido por Afonso Cabral/Luís Nunes/Salvador Menezes
Tocado e cantado por Salvador Menezes, excepto a bateria por Tomás Sousa e as congas por Luís Nunes e Tomás Sousa

. Agradecimentos
Maria João e Filipe de Menezes, Débora Félix, João Paulo Feliciano, Raquel Lains, GDA, Vodafone FM e a todas as pessoas referidas acima. Muito obrigado.

. Apoio Vodafone FM e GDA

Mais pelo vídeo do que pela música.

Moby & The Void Pacific Choir - In This Cold Place Official video by Steve Cutts.

The new album, More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse, by Moby & The void Pacific Choir is available now as a free download in partnership with wetransfer:

Get all the official gifs from the video here:


Moby says, “working on ‘In This Cold Place’ and ‘Are You Lost In the World Like Me?’ with Steve Cutts has been a creative highlight for me. He's such a great animator and activist, and I'm so happy he agreed to make these two videos.”

Last week, Moby & The Void Pacific Choir released More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse, the follow-up to 2016’s These Systems Are Failing. The album is available now on all digital and streaming platforms as well as on WeTransfer via a name-your-own-price model with all proceeds going to a charity of the fan’s choosing. Download More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse

The album is also available to purchase in both standard CD and special pink vinyl editions. Order either format


"Kite" is the first single taken from "Above the Trees",
Nadia Schilling's debut album that will be released this Fall.


Nádia Schilling: Vocals and Guitar
Filipe Melo: Piano
João Hasselberg: Bass
Bruno Pedroso: Drums
Pereira: Violin
Ana Filipa Serrão: Violin
Joana Cipriano: Viola
Ana Cláudia Serrão: Cello


Music and Lyrics by Nádia Schilling
String arrangements by Filipe Melo & Nádia Schilling


Recorded by Nuno Monteiro
Mixed by Nelson Carvalho at Valentim de Carvalho Studios, Lisbon.
Mastered by Andy VanDette Mastering, New York.
Produced by Nádia Schilling & João Pombeiro


Video by João Pombeiro

Judy and the Dream of Horses

Judy wrote the saddest song
She showed it to a boy in school today
Judy, where did you go wrong?
You used to make me smile when I was down
Judy was a teenage rebel
She did it with a boy when she was young
She gave herself to books and learning
She gave herself to being number one
Judy, I don't know you if you're gonna show me everything
Judy, I don't know you if you're gonna show me everything

Judy got a book at school
She went under the covers with her torch
She fell asleep till it was morning
She dreamt about the girl who stole a horse
Judy never felt so good except when she was sleeping
Judy never felt so good except when she was sleeping

Judy, let's go for a walk
We can kiss and do whatever you want
But you will be disappointed
You will fall asleep with ants in your pants
Judy, you're just trying to find and keep the dream of horses
And the song she wrote was Judy and the Dream of Horses
Dream of Horses, Dream of Horses
You dream of horses

The best looking boys are taken
The best looking girls are staying inside
So Judy, where does that leave you?
Walking the street from morning to night
With a star upon your shoulder lighting up the path that you walk
With a parrot on your shoulder, saying everything when you talk
If you're ever feeling blue
Then write another song about your dream of horses
Write a song about your dream of horses
Call it Judy And The Dream Of Horses
Call it Judy And The Dream Of Horses
You dream of horses

Carrie & Lowell Live

0:00 Redford (For Yia-Yia and Pappou) - Live
3:30 Death With Dignity - Live
8:08 Should Have Known Better
13:40 All of Me Wants All Of You - Live
20:27 John My Beloved - Live
27:00 The Only Thing - Live
32:22 Fourth of July - Live
38:59 No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross - Live
42:37 Carrie & Lowell - Live
46:55 Drawn to the Blood - Live
51:05 Eugene - Live
55:36 Vesuvius - Live
1:02:11 Futile Devices - Live
1:06:58 Blue Bucket of Gold - Live
1:11:23 Blue Bucket Outro
1:23:56 Hotline Bling (encore, featuring Gallant)


Performed live at: The North Charleston Performing Arts Center - Charleston, South Carolina - November 9, 2015
Performed by: Casey Foubert / Dawn Landes / James McAlister / Steve Moore / Sufjan Stevens / Featuring Gallant Performing “Hotline Bling”

"Hotline Bling" by Aubrey Graham, Timmy Thomas, Paul Jeffries. Published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC.


Filmed by We Are Films

Aaron Craig & Alex Craig - Director of Photography

Camera operators - Keith Bradshaw etc.

Produced by Sufjan Stevens

Co-Produced by Lisa Moran, Aaron Craig, and Alex Craig

Set, Stage, and Lighting Designer - Marc Janowitz

Lighting & Video Designer - Jason Rothberg

Video Designer - Josh Higgason

Sound Engineer - Brenndan McGuire

Monitor Engineer - Stu Tenold

Instrument Technician - Mikey Loy

Video Technician - Dan Gentile

Merchandise Manager - Max Goldblatt

Booking Agent - Ali Hedrick / Billions Corporation

Business Manager - Mark Kaplan / Mejia & Kaplan, LLP

Tour Manager - Michael Schoenbeck

Artist Manager - Lisa Moran / The Art Counsel

Have Fun Tonight

HAVE FUN TONIGHT, a queer dance ballad about polyamory (...or polyagony) encouraging your lover to go out and have fun without you.

FISCHERSPOONER - Have Fun Tonight - co-written and co-produced by Michael Stipe and BOOTS // mixed by Stuart White // music made with Andy LeMaster and Le Chev // video re-edit of // video made with Daniel Spangler and Chase Dillon // graphic design by Nicolas Santos