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luís soares

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Clogs - Last Song (feat. Matt Berninger)

The classical, indie, post-rock haze that Clogs has become known for has materialized once again on the Last Song EP.

The first proper "single" from their most recent LP, The Creatures in the Garden of Lady Walton, "Last Song," appears on the EP, featuring the evocative muttered baritone of Matt Berninger of The National. Clogs co-founder Padma Newsome sings lead on the second track, "No Bridge." The final instrumental piece "Loev Song" is performed by the group.

Released at the same time as the EP is a video for "Last Song" by Benjamin and Stefan Ramirez Perez, twin brothers studying film and animation at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, Germany, and the Vancouver School's Digital Design program, respectively.

Arcade Fire - Festi

Arcade Fire, avid fans of quirky costumes galore, have unveiled a delightfully scary treat in celebration of Halloween: a horror film! Directed by “Noreen Bauble,” one of the band’s many monikers, Festi is a truly bizarre 21-minute visual that takes a look back at their 2011 summer festival tour. The best part of the flick, however, might be its star-studded cast in James Murphy, Fleet Foxes, The National, Peter Gabriel, Slash, and Andrew Garfield, among others.