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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Metronomy - Salted Caramel Ice Cream (Official Music Video)


Director Joseph Mount

Exec producer Mayling Wong

Producer Molly McGregor

1st AD Tom Wynborne

2nd AD Jack Green

DoP Nic Booth

Art Director Benny Casey

Stylist Marion Casson

HMUA Charli Avery

HMU Assist Tabitha Thomas

Editor Thomas Bidgen at Final Cut

Colourist Jonny Thorpe @ Glassworks

Titles Matthias Peters

Label Because Music

Thanks to: Luminor Sign Co


Cast:Rodney Natalie Cash / Cild customer Aaylia Rose / Estate agent Samuel Coghlan White / Customer Stephanie Billers / Customer James Truscott

Tracy K. Smith - Wade in the Water

                 for the Geechee Gullah Ring Shouters


One of the women greeted me.

I love you, she said. She didn't

Know me, but I believed her,

And a terrible new ache

Rolled over in my chest,

Like in a room where the drapes

Have been swept back. I love you,

I love you, as she continued

Down the hall past other strangers,

Each feeling pierced suddenly

By pillars of heavy light.

I love you, throughout

The performance, in every

Handclap, every stomp.

I love you in the rusted iron

Chains someone was made

To drag until love let them be

Unclasped and left empty

In the center of the ring.

I love you in the water

Where they pretended to wade,

Singing that old blood-deep song

That dragged us to those banks

And cast us in. I love you,

The angles of it scraping at

Each throat, shouldering past

The swirling dust motes

In those beams of light

That whatever we now knew

We could let ourselves feel, knew

To climb. O Woods—O Dogs—                       

O Tree—O Gun—O Girl, run

O Miraculous Many Gone—

O Lord—O Lord—O Lord—

Is this love the trouble you promised?

Jonathan Wateridge












Jonathan Wateridge's paintings are elaborately crafted 'non-events' that have the trappings of a real occurrence but for the most part are entirely fabricated.

A significant part of his work over recent years has been to reconfigure or re-make a given scenario or found image. This involves building full-scale sets and using performers to enact roles, within the context of the studio, in order to set up questions about the way we frame and understand notions of the real.

His work initially employed painterly realism as a 'default setting' by which to view the world, curbing any excesses of style to emphasise not only the often fleeting, banal and everyday quality of the scenes depicted but also the nature of their construction.

More recently, this has given way to an increasingly lyrical use of paint which explores the tension between the social dimension of the figuration and the more formal and expressive qualities of the work.

Kantori Ongaku

Devendra Banhart's "Kantori Ongaku," from his new album, Ma, due September 13 on Nonesuch Records.


Director: Juliana and Nicky Giraffe

Director of Photography: Tyler Weinberger

Editor: Juliana and Nicky Giraffe

Production Company: Giraffe Studios Imagination Emporium

fake dói

Linn da Quebrada & Lao - fake dói

Gravada nos estúdios NAAFI, Cidade do México

Vocais e composição: Linn da Quebrada

Produção/Beat: Lao

Mix e Master: Boss in Drama

Record Label: NAAFI 


Direção e Pós produção vídeo: Pepapuke

Capa single versão digital: Pepapuke em Intervenção 3D + Ray Castelo

Apoio: Produtora Planalto

Produção Executiva: Sentidos Produções

Kevin Killian - Pickpocket

Last night whistling I passed

by their alley, saw them in a

sidelong blink of light from

traffic, a speeding car, then

I went home. Dreamed of

gold skies, black money.  I

felt so stupid, to talk

about them feels stupid.  I’m

the sullen red Sun.


Bernadette leans from tenement

windows, sailors keep searching

world after world for

Bernadette, and her arms

are black, her outstretched

proffered palms all milky.

From them coins drop into

Pickpocket’s pockets freely.


Pickpocket’s face is pocked, his

arms are pocked.  I threw

his face in a lake to make it

ripple, he smokes a

cigar to an orange hot hole in

his face, a glow.  At night

the Sun’s a kid brought behind

the woodshed and abased.