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Sin & Salvation in Baptist Town












With his long-term project Sin & Salvation in Baptist Town Matt Eich documented life in Baptist Town, one of Greenwood, Mississippi’s oldest African American neighborhoods, where the legacies of racism continue to impact the people economically and culturally. Sin & Salvation is the culmination of seven years of photographic work and engagement with the residents of the Baptist Town neighborhood. Consisting of both documentary portraiture and landscape, Eich narrates the long, twisted, and complicated history of Baptist Town into a contemporary context. Sin & Salvation is the second volume of Eich’s four-part photo series Invisible Yoke. 

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Matt Berninger - Walking on a String (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)

"Walking on A String" from Between Two Ferns: The Movie. / Directed, shot, and edited by Tom Berninger and Chris Sgroi / Filmed at Earthstar Creation Center, Venice, CA


POCILGA de Pasolini - John Romão from John Romão on Vimeo.

POCILGA de Pier Paolo Pasolini
Tradução e encenação | John Romão

Com | Albano Jerónimo, Ana Bustorff, André Reis, Cláudio da Silva, João Lagarto, John Romão, Mariana Tengner Barros, Guilherme Moura / Miguel da Cunha, Paulo Pinto / Miguel Loureiro, Pedro Lacerda, Wesley Barros e com a participação de figurantes
Cenografia | F. Ribeiro com John Romão
Desenho de luz | José Álvaro Correia
Música | Nicolai Sarbib
Espaço sonoro | João Bento
Figurinos | Carolina Queirós Machado
Apoio aos figurinos | Rita Lopes Alves
Assistência em digressão | Solange Freitas
Direção técnica | Carlos Ramos
Produção executiva | Stage One
Coprodução | Colectivo 84, Culturgest, Teatro Virgínia, Teatro Viriato, TNSJ
Registo vídeo e montagem | João Gambino
Espetáculo coproduzido no âmbito da rede 5 Sentidos
O Colectivo 84 é apoiado pelo Governo de Portugal / Secretaria de Estado da Cultura - DG Artes

15 a 17 Janeiro 2015: Culturgest (Lisboa)
22 Janeiro 2015: TAGV (Coimbra)
20 Junho 2015: Teatro Virgínia (Torres Novas)
27 Junho 2015: Teatro Viriato (Viseu)
3 a 12 Julho 2015: Teatro Nacional São João (Porto)

Duração: 1h40 sem intervalo

Dana Scruggs

Scruggs (1).jpg

Scruggs (2).jpg

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Scruggs (5).jpg

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Scruggs (9).jpg

Scruggs (10).jpg

Originally from the Southside of Chicago, Dana Scruggs has been living and working in New York for the past 7 years. 

In 2016 she launched SCRUGGS Magazine, a print publication dedicated to her vision of the male form. The magazine was a way for her to create editorial and creative content because none of the magazines that she approached would hire her. She wrote and photographed all of the content herself and the seminal issue became more akin to her visual diary and personal manifesto.

In the spring of  2018, after self assigning for almost six years - Dana was offered the opportunity to shoot ESPN's Body Issue, which was her first major breakthrough in the industry.  Synonymously Dana then became the first Black female photographer to shoot an athlete for The Body Issue in it's 10 year history. 

Dana broke down even more barriers when, in November of 2018,  she became the first Black Person to photograph the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine in it's 50 year history. 


DUDA BEAT & Mateus Carrilho & Jaloo - Chega

Produtora: ​UMANA (@umanafilm)
Direção e Montagem: João Monteiro
Produção Executiva: Toti Higashi
Direção Criativa: João e Audrey
Ilustração: Thiago Biazzoto
Animação: Fernando Jurado e Italo Bustamante
Color Grading e Composição Digital: Cora Post

Josef Schulz - Sachliches* (2001-2008)











* objective, factual, businesslike

Josef Schulz is a "photographer" of modern warehouses and factories - trite industrial buildings that nobody would want to consider to be of any major architectural interest. All over the world these buildings are mass-produced, built for all kinds of industrial production processes using identical plans and blueprints. Their exteriors offer no hint whatsoever of the specific purposes for which they are used, their façades vary only in terms of the materials selected - all of them pre-fabricated, such as slabs of concrete, corrugated sheet metal and other cheap building materials.

The Border

Nicolas Godin’s new single, The Border, is out now.

Director & Animator - Alden Volney
Production Company - Riff Raff Films
Exec Producer- Natalie Arnett
Producer - Kate Brady
Skin Textures - Mindfront
Denim Textures - Punkduck
Record Label - Because Music

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Toward the end of the session, Josef Breitenbach asked James Joyce if there were some special pose or gesture that he would wish recorded. Joyce thought for a moment, and raised his hand to his forehead. Then he let the hand pass over his eyes, covering them. When the hand cradled his nose and chin, Joyce indicated that this was the pose, and Breitenbach pressed the shutter.

From the portfolio “Ten Portraits” in Paris Review's Winter 1983 issue.