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Hoje vou ver isto

Over the last 25 years of a successful career, the guitarist and composer Bill Frisell recorded about 25 albums, and worked together with several musicians, movie directors, and many other artists from other fields; his music is a reflect of the most diverse influences. Considered an essential North-American musician, the New York Times described, in these words, his music: "It’s difficult to find such a rich reflection on the American music like the compositions by the guitarist Bill Frisell. Mixing rock and country with jazz and blues, he found what links them all: improvisation and a meaningful sense of performing”. In the performance at the CCB’s Main Auditorium, Bill Frisell will come with the double-bass player Tony Scherr and the drummer Kenny Wollesen, performing original compositions which will chase the projection of short movies by the legendary Buster Keaton, the experimentalist Bill Morrison, and the cartoonist and illustrator Jim Woodring .