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Laurie Anderson - Same Time Tomorrow

You know that little clock, the one on your VCR, the one that’s always blinking twelve noon ’cause you never figured out how to get in there and change it?

So it’s always the same time, just the way it came from the factory.

Good morning. Good night. Same time tomorrow. We’re in record.

So here are the questions: is time long or is it wide?

And the answers?

Sometimes the answers just come in the mail.

And one day you get that letter you’ve been waiting for forever.

And everything it says is true.

And then in the last line it says: burn this.

We're in record.

And I what I really want to know is: are things getting better or are they getting worse?

Can we start all over again?

Stop. Pause. We’re in record.

Good morning. Good night.

Now I in you without a body move and in our hearts we fly.


Good morning.

Good night.