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It Is Dangerous To Read Newspapers

Ando a ler um livro que alterna entre um futuro próximo e os anos 60, na linha temporal da sua narrativa. Chama-se True Believers e o autor é Kurt Andersen. Tem pérolas do tipo "I'd barely finished living my childhood when show business started replacing my private and odd and fragmentary memories with its special, shiny, reconstituted versions." Opinião final quando acabar.

Seja como for, ontem apareceu-me este poema da Margaret Atwood, no blog da Sarah Knowles, escrito precisamente em 1968, e apeteceu-me logo partilhá-lo:


It Is Dangerous To Read Newspapers.


While I was building neat
castles in the sandbox,
the hasty pits were
filling with bulldozed corpses


and as I walked to the school
washed and combed, my feet
stepping on the cracks in the cement
detonated red bombs.


Now I am grownup
and literate, and I sit in my chair
as quietly as a fuse


and the jungles are flaming, the under-
brush is charged with soldiers,
the names on the difficult
maps go up in smoke.


I am the cause, I am a stockpile of chemical
toys, my body
is a deadly gadget,
I reach out in love, my hands are guns,
my good intentions are completely lethal.


Even my
passive eyes transmute
everything I look at to the pocked
black and white of a war photo,
can I stop myself


It is dangerous to read newspapers.


Each time I hit a key
on my electric typewriter,
speaking of peaceful trees


another village explodes.