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Glitch Art.

Pensei em escrever um bocadinho sobre isto, mas o texto que acompanha este vídeo da PBS é bom o suficiente e tem as referências todas:


Glitches are the frustrating byproduct of technology gone awry. Wildly scrambled images, frozen blue screens, and garbled sounds signify moments where we want to throw our expensive computer products out the window. Many artists and programmers, however, have embraced these crisis moments and discovered beauty in the glitch. By hacking familiar systems, they intentionally cause glitches, and manipulate them to create art. Enjoying the aesthetics of technological mistakes defies the notion that technology and entertainment has to be a seamless experience. Most importantly, glitch artists reveal a certain soulfulness that emerges when complex streams of information, visual media, and our own lives converge in the chaos of the glitch.

Phillip Stearns
Scott Fitzgerald
Anton Marini
Daniel Temkin

Additional artists featured:
Antonio Roberts and Jeff Donaldson
Gustavo Fajardo

Henrik Jose
Professor Kliq
Yusuki Tsutsumi