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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Savages - Adore

From the new Savages album "Adore Life", out January 22, 2016.


Video credits:
Director: Anders Malmberg
Lighting + Concept Design: Tobias Rylander
Cinematography: James Blann
Exec. Producer: Morgan Clement
Producer(s): Tabetha Glass-Jackman / Gemma Priggen

Production Company: Academy + (

Stylist: Eve-Marie Kuijstermans
Make-up: Clare Read

La Mer.

The New York Philharmonic performs Claude Debussy's La Mer three symphonic sketches with their former Musical Director Pierre Boulez as conductor. This performance is from the Philharmonic's 150th Anniversary concert telecast from 1992 at Avery Fisher Hall in NYC.