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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Damien Maloney






Damien Maloney is a 28-year-old photographer with a degree in linguistics. He was born in Texas, raised in Phoenix, and currently living in the San Francisco Bay area. He works editorially and commercially. He self-published a newsprint zine, Summer Vacation in 2014 and is working up to exhibiting and printing more things soon.

Jeff Buckley - Everyday People

The Jeff Buckley collection of unreleased covers and studio sessions, You and I, releases on March 11 on Columbia/Legacy Recordings, and boy oh boy are we excited. The album is full of incredible work by one of the greatest voices of the last few generations, featuring that voice singing some classic heartbreaking songs by The Smiths, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, and more—on top of some original work. There's also a cover of Sly and the Family Stone's classic earworm "Everday People," the video for which was executive produced by Amy Redford.

Porches - Be Apart

Directed by Daniel Brereton


Production Company: Dirty Films
Executive Producer: Alex Bedford
Line Producer: Imogen Rigby
1st Assistant Director: Kerry Green
Runner: Jack Smith
Director of Photography: Rina Yang
Focus Puller/ 1st AC: Kate Molins
2nd AC: Jonny Lewis
Steady Cam: Emilio Schlappi
Gaffer: Elliot Beach
Electrician: Daniel Ansell
Electrician: Leo Olesker
Art Director: Amy Stickland
Art Assistant: Esther Theaker
Editor: Daniel Brereton
Colourist: Russell Rowe

Molly Matalon






Molly Matalon is a Bay Area based photographer whose work deals with the topics of desire, both sexual and aspirational, as well as relationships between women of all ages. Her series Mom examines the relationship with her mother, shot at her south Florida family home. “The ideas that I’m addressing in these pictures of my mom are loaded. They come from being deeply rooted in the beauty industry and my own exploration of femininity. Personally, I am disinterested in photographs that portray a sweet and intimate relationship with a family member because I’m looking for some kind of conflict.” Femininity plays a huge role in all of her images, even when women aren’t actually present. “We live in a male-centric world, men are present in my pictures but I think they serve as props... The feminine world is my world, not one that has been forced upon me.” Matalon’s images are refreshingly real and raw in a way not typically seen the hyper-idealized, post-internet world.

Andrew Weatherall - Convenanza

Andrew Weatherall’s new album, Convenanza, is released on Friday 26 February – and we’ve got an exclusive stream of it for you to hear. As you might expect from a man who refuses to be bound by convention and tied to style, it’s a record of restless invention.


As Alexis Petridis writes in a piece to be published tomorrow: “He’s singing again on Convenanza, a dubby, dark album that once more bears the influence of post-punk as well as Weatherall’s esoteric reading habits, this time involving early 20th-century central European literature: ‘I’m quite proud of the fact that I’ve made the first disco record to mention Hans Fallada and Robert Walser.’”


From The Guardian

Mark Strand - Storm

On the last night of our house arrest

a howling wind tore through the streets,

ripping down shutters, scattering roof tiles,

leaving behind a river of refuse. When the sun

rose over the marble gate, I could see the guards,

sluggish in the morning heat, desert their posts

and stagger toward the woods just out of town.

“Darling,” I said, “let’s go, the guards have left,

the place is a ruin.” But she was oblivious.

“You go,” she said, and she pulled up the sheet

to cover her eyes. I ran downstairs and called

for my horse. “To the sea,” I whispered, and off

we went and how quick we were, my horse and I,

riding over the fresh green fields, as if to our freedom.

Fernando Costa - Deixa Chover

Deixa-me ir assim
Devagar como a chuva que bate
Em vão, como todo o debate
Sobre mim
Deixa-me olhar o espelho
E esperar pelo fim com medo
Porque alguém guarda o amanhã
Em segredo


Deixa-me ir assim
Em silêncio como o que sabe bem
A deambular como quando se é ninguém
Algures em nós
Deixa-me querer algo mais
Já que o vento é uma voz
E há conforto em estarmos sós
É um segredo


Deixa-me ir assim
Mas deixa-me algum dia voltar
Porque a distância é um punhal
E a ansiedade é um silêncio sepulcral
Que aperta
Deixa chover


Mais, aqui.

Monk Parker - Sadly Yes

Monk Parker • Sadly Yes from Glasgow Dreamer on Vimeo.

Monk Parker - Sadly Yes
Edited and compiled by Laurel Barickman

Sadly yes I know
just where to go, where to go
Sadly yes, we can all three see
the bright writing on the marquee
Sadly no, I don't want to
Sadly no, I don't want her,
I want you

Past your shoulder & porchlight lies
the bright sea of Illinois.
Floating pleasure palaces
light the sky beyond the buoys
Sadly no I don't want to go
Sadly no I don't know how to say no

Sadly every sweet thing ends
in the end, in the end
Sadly yes, it's a cold world
& favors cold men
Sadly no we can't be still be friends
Sadly I'll never kiss you again

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