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School of Seven Bells - Ablaze

Few bands know in advance exactly what their last album will be. For School Of Seven Bells, there's no question; SVIIB, the group's fourth full-length, is its swan song. Curtis' death three years ago at 35 — after a yearlong battle with a rare form of lymphoma — has sealed School Of Seven Bells' fate, leaving a body of work that transcends synth-pop by reaching higher, deeper and broader. SVIIB is the duo's crowning achievement. Shadowed by death and encased in digital production, it's nonetheless warm and beautiful.

Rondeau joue Scarlatti

Sonate K.141 en ré mineur de Domenico Scarlatti (1685 - 1757) interprétée au clavecin par Jean Rondeau.
Enregistrée en décembre 2012 sur un clavecin d'Anthony Sidey.
Son : Camille Frachet et Fabrice Chantôme.
Vidéo : Katie Baillot, Julia D'Artemare, Erwan Ricordeau et Victor Zébo.
Remerciements : Tapages pour les micros Neumann numériques et Pascal Geneix, Antelope audio France pour les horloges numériques Trinity et 10M

Moderat - Reminder

Release date: February 19, 2016

...a rebellious teenager slaves away in a dystopian world, harvesting crystals from a vast grey landscape. This sparkling bounty is given as an offering to a tribal deity, who resides in a shrine guarded by sentinels with green glowing masks, where he is constantly under attack from an army of drones…
Take a moment to imagine what it would be like to live in that world.
The new video for Reminder - the first single from the upcoming album Moderat III - will take you there!

PFADFINDEREI, Moderat’s long-time creative partner for visual works, came up with the innovative idea of using gaming aesthetic and VR production tools
to make the experience truly, and uniquely, immersive and invited SEHSUCHT Berlin, to realize the full scope of this ambitious project.
Mate Steinforth and the SEHSUCHT Berlin team developed the imaginative, politically charged narrative.


Produced by SEHSUCHT Berlin
Written and directed by Mate Steinforth
Initial concept, co-art direction and graphics by PFADFINDEREI
SFX by Volker Pannes / Shakeup

'Reminder' & 'Reminder - Remixes' are out now.