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Ben Lerner's First Time

Ben Lerner discusses his first book of poetry, “The Lichtenberg Figures.” Part of “The Paris Review”'s “My First Time” video interview series.


My First Time” is a  video series in which we invite authors to discuss the trials of writing and publishing their first books. Consider it a chance to see how successful writers got their start, in their own words—it’s a portrait of the artist as a beginner and a look at the creative process, in all its joy, abjection, delusion, and euphoria.


This installment stars Ben Lerner, poet and novelist. While an undergraduate at Brown—and later as an M.F.A. student—Lerner wrote the cycle of fifty-two sonnets that would become 2004’s The Lichtenberg Figures. At the time, he and roommate Cyrus Console were, says Lerner, “always writing under the sign of crisis ... now when I look back, we had a kind of really intense practice.” He discusses the process of imposing form, his thematic inspirations, and the challenges of taking one’s place in the creative universe. “With the first book, you don’t really know if you can do it. You have a kind of constant anxiety about whether or not you have something to contribute to the conversation. And that anxiety—it can ruin your life, but it’s also really generative. Like, it’s a kind of discipline.”


This series is made by the filmmakers Tom BeanCasey Brooks, and Luke Poling; we’re delighted to collaborate with them. Be sure to watch the previous interviews in the series:

Sobre Bandas Sonoras

Howard Shore não está nomeado para nenhum Óscar este ano mas recentemente tive oportunidade de rever o primeiro filme de "O Senhor Dos Anéis" acompanhado ao vivo pela Orquestra e Coro Gulbenkian e este pequeno vídeo surge, por isso, no momento certo.

Vale, aliás, a pena, ver todos os vídeos do autor, Evan (The Nerdwriter) que se apresenta assim:

Hey everyone! Thanks for coming to my page.

I'm Evan. I'm a novelist, and I do a vlog every wednesday on things that caught my eye that week. I have to confess up front: it's all a shameless ploy to get readers for my book. (Honesty is the best policy.) I figure why not make it interesting in the process? It's fun to do anyway. If you have a youtube account, please subscribe. Otherwise, watch and enjoy!

Advice To The Young

Umberto Eco: Advice to the Young from Louisiana Channel on Vimeo.

Best-selling Italian novelist Umberto Eco here advises aspiring writers not to take themselves too seriously, but to go step by step and remember that: “You’re 10 per cent inspiration and 90 per cent perspiration.”

If you start off thinking that you’re a true genius and that you’ll be receiving the Nobel Prize any moment, you have a problem: “That kills every literary career.”

Umberto Eco was interviewed in his apartment in Milan by Tonny Vorm in May 2015.

Camera: Klaus Elmer
Edited by: Klaus Elmer
Produced by: Marc-Christoph Wagner
Copyright: Louisiana Channel, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, 2015

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