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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Mark Strand - Storm

On the last night of our house arrest

a howling wind tore through the streets,

ripping down shutters, scattering roof tiles,

leaving behind a river of refuse. When the sun

rose over the marble gate, I could see the guards,

sluggish in the morning heat, desert their posts

and stagger toward the woods just out of town.

“Darling,” I said, “let’s go, the guards have left,

the place is a ruin.” But she was oblivious.

“You go,” she said, and she pulled up the sheet

to cover her eyes. I ran downstairs and called

for my horse. “To the sea,” I whispered, and off

we went and how quick we were, my horse and I,

riding over the fresh green fields, as if to our freedom.

Fernando Costa - Deixa Chover

Deixa-me ir assim
Devagar como a chuva que bate
Em vão, como todo o debate
Sobre mim
Deixa-me olhar o espelho
E esperar pelo fim com medo
Porque alguém guarda o amanhã
Em segredo


Deixa-me ir assim
Em silêncio como o que sabe bem
A deambular como quando se é ninguém
Algures em nós
Deixa-me querer algo mais
Já que o vento é uma voz
E há conforto em estarmos sós
É um segredo


Deixa-me ir assim
Mas deixa-me algum dia voltar
Porque a distância é um punhal
E a ansiedade é um silêncio sepulcral
Que aperta
Deixa chover


Mais, aqui.

Monk Parker - Sadly Yes

Monk Parker • Sadly Yes from Glasgow Dreamer on Vimeo.

Monk Parker - Sadly Yes
Edited and compiled by Laurel Barickman

Sadly yes I know
just where to go, where to go
Sadly yes, we can all three see
the bright writing on the marquee
Sadly no, I don't want to
Sadly no, I don't want her,
I want you

Past your shoulder & porchlight lies
the bright sea of Illinois.
Floating pleasure palaces
light the sky beyond the buoys
Sadly no I don't want to go
Sadly no I don't know how to say no

Sadly every sweet thing ends
in the end, in the end
Sadly yes, it's a cold world
& favors cold men
Sadly no we can't be still be friends
Sadly I'll never kiss you again