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Damien Maloney






Damien Maloney is a 28-year-old photographer with a degree in linguistics. He was born in Texas, raised in Phoenix, and currently living in the San Francisco Bay area. He works editorially and commercially. He self-published a newsprint zine, Summer Vacation in 2014 and is working up to exhibiting and printing more things soon.

Jeff Buckley - Everyday People

The Jeff Buckley collection of unreleased covers and studio sessions, You and I, releases on March 11 on Columbia/Legacy Recordings, and boy oh boy are we excited. The album is full of incredible work by one of the greatest voices of the last few generations, featuring that voice singing some classic heartbreaking songs by The Smiths, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, and more—on top of some original work. There's also a cover of Sly and the Family Stone's classic earworm "Everday People," the video for which was executive produced by Amy Redford.