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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

francine j. harris - she can sort of see herself dangling her toes in the shot

where everyone cums fast because they want to go home. The camera man’s

stomach is growling and he has the hiccups. The gist of today’s shoot is


girl-on-girl in sequins thong with stone edged stream full of guppies. all

different colors. Some guppies have fins. Some of them look stoned.


or maybe it’s boy-on-girl with sequins collars and graffiti ties. sequins anal beads. sequins

lipstick. This shot will involve a small waterfall. the sound of rushing water. There is


the pan out from a helicopter. Some of the grips help drop buckets of fish food.

or, maybe it’s boy-on-boy and all the boys have beards. not cubs or bears or hotbods. but


bloated pot bellies snacked on Pepperidge farm goldfish which make them burp on retakes.

or maybe girl-on-boy, but then he washes her feet in the stream.


The director throws down his shotglass. It breaks. When the fuck


did everyone fall in love, he says. Fortunately, there’s no glass in the stream. There are minnows

under the bottom boy’s earlobes. The girl with the whip in a cupless bra


is brushing his wet chest hair, before it dries to a knot.

Norbert Schwontkowski










Born in Bremen, Germany, Norbert Schwontkowski has been showing work progressively throughout Europe to the reaches of Japan, USA and Egypt.


Set against lush and visually complex backgrounds the figures and simple representational elements in his works possess a sort of infinity, they survive in a melancholy existence and reflect an everyday hostile world, in which there are transiting through. Instead of location and structure there seem motifs of a state of mind, anonymous in between non-places of restlessness, loneliness and isolation.
Yet in isolation and loneliness can emerge freedom, and, in his works, loneliness and freedom seem inextricably linked.


Humour and irony in the depicted situations seems the key to freedom for the anonymous figures on which we are viewing; almost invading these private worlds. The irony which occurs is Schwontkowski’s solution to solve this eternal conflict of desire, reality, self and harsh cruel world.


The surface of his canvases are built up with layers of different colours which he then smooths down. The artist produces his own paints, using ingredients that have included, copper paint, linseed oil, iron chloride, turpentine oil, water and tea, ground pigments and bone glue. The colour of these homemade paints tend toward the deep and tertiary, and the textures are sometimes gritty and crumbly.