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Erik Blood - Chase the Clouds

Erik Blood - Chase the Clouds from Visual Pollution on Vimeo.

"Chase the Clouds" is from Erik Blood's new album Lost in Slow Motion coming out April 29th.

More music from Erik Blood:

Director, Writer: Peter Edlund
Producer, Editor: Megan Leonard
1st AD: Lael Rogers
Director of Photography: Ty Migota
1st AC: Jonathan Mahoney
Gaffer: Chad Courtney, Nick Davis
Key Grip: Norm Tumolva
Grip: James Cashman
Production Designer: Darcy Drysdale
Costume Designer: Darcy Drysdale
Production Assistants: Christan Leonard, Maddie Downes, Whitney Veloski
Still Photographer: Morgan Rodríguez
Titles: Jonathan DePriest
Colorist: Joel Voelker

Principal Cast:
Ian Lerch
Spencer Hamp

Ian Edlund
Nick Sahoyah
Jeff Stillwell
Peter Sakowicz
Robert Francis
Delaney Guyer
Ryan Sanders
Daniel Christensen

Special Thanks To:
Peter and Ruth Baydo, Camano Island Grange Hall, Max Cerami, Blanketfort Films, Koerner Camera

To be continued...

In a new video, Even Puschak talks about the rise of the serialization genre, from Dickens to Flash Gordon to General Hospital to Star Wars. Now that our entertainment is increasingly serialized, he argues that audiences have a unique opportunity to shape what we watch. (Case in point: the increased importance of non-white and non-male characters in The Force Awakens and Rogue One.)


Via Kottke.

Tuin der Lusten (details)








Taken from a high-resolution, interactive version, co-created by NTR, the Dutch public broadcasting service, of The Garden of Earthly Delights, the modern title of one of the most famous paintings by Hieronymus Bosch, who died five hundred years ago this year.

I don't care for the christian message and symbols and not that much for the composition but I love all the weird details a close examination reveals, all the little situations and stories, the wicked perverted modern imagination in them. One of my favourite paintings at the Prado but never easy to examine up close.

The Prado is hosting a Bosch 5th Centenary Exhibition, later this year which will show, among others,The Triptych of the Temptations of Saint Anthony from the Museu de Arte Antiga in Lisbon, one of the jewels in our crown.