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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Shut Up Kiss Me (Hold Me Tight)

Written and Directed by Angel Olsen (with collaborative input from Ashley Connor and Jethro Waters)
Director of Photography: Ashley Connor
Edited by Jethro Waters and Angel Olsen

Special thanks to: Madalyn Wofford, Charles Williamson, Elana Riback, Lauren Van Epps, Devyn Marzoula, Meredith Lyon, Madelyn Anderson, Magnolia House, The Double Crown & Tarwheels Skateway

The Childhood Of A Leader

The Childhood of a Leader is a 2015 historical mystery drama film, written, produced and directed by Brady Corbet, and is Corbet's feature film directorial debut. It is loosely based on Jean-Paul Sartre's short story The Childhood of a Leader, published in 1939 as a collection of short stories titled The Wall, and John Fowles's 1965 novel The Magus. Corbet co-wrote the screenplay with his wife Mona Fastvold, and filmed both an English and a French language version.

Apart from Corbet, Chris Coen from Unanimous Entertainment, Antoine de Clermont-Tonnerre from MACT Productions, Helena Danielsson from Hepp Film and Istvan Major also served as producers on the film.

The film chronicles the childhood of a fascist leader during World War I. Production began in early 2015, in Budapest, Hungary.The film had its world premiere in-competition (Horizon section) at 72nd Venice International Film Festival on 5 September 2015 and won two awards at the festival; Best Debut film and Best Director.

Melingo - En un Bosque de la China

Like an illusionist straight out of a Borges novella, Melingo is back, with his voice, his clarinet and his sense of drama. Listening to ‘Anda’ is like enjoying a Fellini film with your eyes closed, losing yourself in a display of sound designed as a suite of baro- que scenes in which each piece pulsates and destabilises us. In it, the original tango is reborn, a little as if Carlos Gardel was at the centre of a form of arty neo-rock fiction, with a gallery of characters featuring Erik Satie and Serge Gainsbourg among the spectres the Argentinian actor and poet conjures forth.