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Exposições de sonho

After making its way around the world, the incredible exhibition of Stanley Kubrick's work has arrived in San Francisco. Adam Savage tours the exhibit to show you some of his favorite items. From rare camera equipment to pre-production artwork and film props, these objects connect us to one of cinema's greatest minds.

Take Me

Sisyphus ft. Sufjan Stevens "Take Me" from Ryan Dickie on Vimeo.

"Take Me" from Sisyphus's album on Asthmatic Kitty Records

Starring: Sufjan Stevens, Joella Jones, Dante Brown, Katherine Kitfield, Jordan Geiger, Jason Ruff, Audrey McGlinchy, Antonio Santos and Nadira Dossa

Director: Ryan Dickie
Producers: Abby Horton and Tyler Byrne
Production Design: Antonio Santos
Costume Design: Savannah Wyatt and Natalie Fragola
Assistant Director: Andrew Gladstone
Gaffer: Rommel Genciana
Key Grip: Dada Shikako
Grip: Gabe Elder
1st AC: Kristopher Rey-Talley
2nd AC/DIT: Sam Mohney
Props: Evan Thomas Schafer
Wardrobe: Jami Villers
Hair/Make-up: Rachel Havesi
Color Timing: Sam Gursky
VFX: Matthew Greenberg
Production Assistants: Pete Horton and Ezra Ewen

in association with 1000%, Neighborhood Watch, Irving Harvey and Camp Hurley

Special Thanks: John Beeler, Asthmatic Kitty, Phil Pinto, Richard Peete, Ben Fink, Mike Abrego, Fast Ashley's, Chris Kuchinski, Critter and Guitari, Chris Chambers, Will Doyle, Elaina Royter and Roberto Lange