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luís soares

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Jörg Marx - A Summer Night in the Village








My series »A Summer Night in the Village« is concerned with village nightscapes. The project is about the transformation of the village environment at nighttime. While the city plunges into a sea of lights at night, the village is barely lit by few street lights. Nightlife in the city is full of people and cars that populate the street. In the villages, the paths and streets are silent and deserted. There is no activity which deflects from the interplay of the pale light and the building environment. Suddenly the whole of the village ensemble is divided into individual spots of light. You walk through the village from light into darkness back to the light, only to be surrounded by complete darkness immediately. A strange atmosphere lies over the village. Some people interpret it as an atmosphere of abandonment and loneliness, some even do perceive it as menacing. For me, the mood has something magical.


Lower Bavaria | Niederbayern | 2013

James Baldwin - Le sporting-club de Monte Carlo (for Lena Horne)

The lady is a tramp

        a camp

        a lamp


The lady is a sight

        a might

        a light

the lady devastated

an alley or two

reverberated through the valley

which leads to me, and you


the lady is the apple

of God's eye:

He's cool enough about it

but He tends to strut a little

when she passes by


the lady is a wonder

daughter of the thunder

smashing cages

legistlating rages

with the voice of ages

singing us through.

Richard Tuschman - Hopper Meditations







"Hopper Meditations" is a personal photographic response to the work of the American painter, Edward Hopper. I have always loved the way Hopper’s paintings, with an economy of means, are able to address the mysteries and complexities of the human condition. Placing one or two figures in humble, intimate settings, he created quiet scenes that are psychologically compelling with open-ended narratives. The characters’ emotional states can seem to waver paradoxically between reverie and alienation, or perhaps between longing and resignation. Dramatic lighting heightens the emotional overtones, but any final interpretation is left to the viewer. These are all qualities I hope to imbue in my images as well.

Richard Tuschman from LensCulture on Vimeo.