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Mai Kino - The Waves

Official video for The Waves by Mai Kino

Directed by: Mai Kino, Greg Tate
Producer: Mai Kino
DoP: David Gilbey
Editor: Tommaso Gallone
Grader: Filipe Fernandes
Make Up: Yulia Yurchenko
Hair: Rute José
Lighting Assistants: Pedro Faria, Matt Rainger
Focus Puller: Raul A. Menéndez
General Assistant: Kuba Drewa

La Netrebko does La Mamma Morta

Opera geeks are always charged with excitement, and a little anxiety, when a favorite singer releases a new album. (Has her voice changed? How will it fit the repertoire?) Netrebko, arguably today's most touted soprano, is about to issue a new album,Verismo — and we've got a sneak peek.

As her plush voice has added darker, richer colors over the past few years, Netrebko, now 44, has been exploring lower registers and weightier roles both on record and onstage. The album's title, Verismo, refers to the turn-of-the-20th century style of opera that focuses on surging emotions and physical violence in the lives of common people.


From NPR

William Carlos Williams - Love Song

I lie here thinking of you:—


the stain of love

is upon the world!

Yellow, yellow, yellow

it eats into the leaves,

smears with saffron

the horned branches that lean


against a smooth purple sky!

There is no light

only a honey-thick stain

that drips from leaf to leaf

and limb to limb

spoiling the colors

of the whole world—


you far off there under

the wine-red selvage of the west!