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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Peter Gizzi - Lessons in Darkness

Those notes are fetching
when they touch the ear.
It's true, there are more tears
in sand than water.
"Come out and play,"
the song's refrain
in my head, my sawdust showing.
My heart, your eyes
is what the day made.


There, the notes, the song,
the besidedness to live
on Saturday, to walk out,
wanted to, right out the frame.
The sadness, gas pumps,
sunshine on oil,
that crow overhead
destroys the picture.
Everything faking it so badly.


What's so wrong about the real,
so off with clarity,
dumbfuck, shirttail-hanging
scatter-brained word.
Shattered-pane world?


The whir of the camera inside pictures
but we want the voice to lift,
don't we, across the mini-plaza
to where? How about
pulling taffy for a living
or a rabbit from one ideal-ology
to another. That's the trick
isn't it, parallel lives?


You know, here a dumpster
there a Dane. On the street
I see birds, bricks, clouds
I see a friend getting into her car
I see myself in the puddle I see.
And even if we pray to remain
unabated, a minor chord
can sometimes reconnoiter
the most distant thoughts
camouflaged in lace and literature.


O western wind let's not
decorate the light with roseate diadems,
plumbago shadows in the rushes.
Haven't we heard enough
from the birds, their annual trips
and cross-talk? Listen.
The arc of a rocket
is louder than a rainbow.

Yuge Zhou

Yuge Zhou 周雨歌 is an artist and graphic designer from Beijing, China. She currently lives in Chicago, IL and works as a curator, creative director and contributor for the 3300-square foot Riverside Wall, the largest new media and video art installation in Chicago (due to launch in 2017). The installation will feature commissioned artwork by world-renowned media artists, emerging artists as well as collaborative groups of students and educators. Zhou earned her MFA from the Visual Communication Design Department at School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2015. She also holds a masters degree in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University.

Green Play from Yuge Zhou on Vimeo.

Green play is a joyful orchestration of one of the great meeting places in New York City—Central Park, a utopian playground and repository shared by locals and tourists alike. The spliced footage choreographs a single summer Sunday and encapsulates an optimism that is central to American life. Green Play is part of an on-going video collage series where I am exploring the ritualistic characteristics of different American cities.


Midtown Flutter from Yuge Zhou on Vimeo.
2016, original video resolution: 5760 × 3240, 5 minutes (infinite loop)
Sound design by Stephen Farrell

Social synchronization is a phenomenon where individuals within a group influence one another’s behavioral patterns. For Midtown Flutter, I shot a variety of architecture in midtown Manhattan, allowing passersby to interrupt the scene. By selecting and then composing the video footage according to the formal qualities of the architecture within the scene, the architecture in turn dictates the patterns and flow of the pedestrians. Midtown becomes a flattened, uniform construct for this play of texture, rhythm and interruptions. 

Kevin Young - Beyond Words

       Mudd Club 4th floor gallery
       Manhattan, April 1981


If you bomb

the IND

or tag the 2




dousing it in tribal


shrapnel, you're it

—the shit—

If you can lie


between the rails

—Please Stand

Clear the Closing—


or press yourselves

betw. train

& the wall


spray can rattling

like a tooth—The roof

the roof


the roof is on


the 6 will whistle


past, swinging

like a night stick—

Officer Pup throwing


a brick

@ that Mouse

Ignatz, in love—



you'll have found

risk. A calling—


Crash, Daze, Pray

covering trains

like cave paintings,


avoiding the German


while the cars sit


in the yards

—what no one else in this

city owns. Making


their names

known—Dondi, Boy-

5, B-Sirius, Crazy


Legs, Coolie C—

The city clears

its throat


the subway shaking

the buildings above—

We don't need


no water let

the motherfucker

burn— Futura 2000,


Phase II, Quick

& Sex & Zephyr

& Lady Pink—


Fab 5 Freddy

(n� Braithwaite)

saying everyone's


a star. "Rapture"—


the whole planet's in

on it—Chilly Most

Being the Host Coast


to Coast—Freddy's painted

Campbell's Soup Cans that read

DADA & POP instead


of beef barley—

the UFO has landed

& a brother's


stepped out, alien, dressed

in white. Then when

there's no more cars


he goes out at night

& eats up bars

graffiti like 3 card monte—


running, avoiding the pigs

like a black muslim

bean pie. DJ spinning


says my my.

Pay attn.—

say, ain't that


Basquiat spinning


disks behind Blondie—




45s stacked high

as a Dag-

wood sammich?


Hungry, this B-

boy's headed

to the top—Yes


Yes y'all

You don't stop—

blowing up.