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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Ruby Robinson - My Mother

She said the cornflake cake made her day,
she said a man cannot be blamed for being
unfaithful: his heart is not in tune with his
extremities and it’s just the way his body
chemistry is. She said all sorts of things.


We saw a duck pond and a man with a tub
of maggots and a tub of sweet corn, we saw
the walled garden and the old-fashioned library
in the park, stopped for a cup of tea in a cafe
where we had the cornflake cake cut into halves


with the handle of a plastic fork. We saw yellow
crocuses growing in a ring around a naked tree,
the sky showing in purple triangles between
the branches. We looked in the window
of Butterworth’s at the bikes: they were beautiful,


all of them. Gorgeous, she said. The sun was
pushing through the iced air and landing on us
on our heads and our shoulders and the backs
of our legs. We bought nail varnish remover
from Wilko’s, a bath sheet, and two Diet Cokes.


She said she’d been talking to Jesus and God
because she didn’t want to go to hell, although,
she said, correctly, we’ve been through hell
already, haven’t we. She said a woman should
know her place, should wait. She lit a cigarette.

Lina Scheynius









"I never really talk about the message of a book or an image," says Swedish photographer Lina Scheynius simply, when asked to explain the ideas and inspirations behind her dreamy new book, 08. "It’s completely up to the viewer to find whatever it is they find. I do this because I love doing it and every book I make means a lot to me." It's this highly subjective approach – alongside the washed-out tones and intimate, snap-shot compositions that have come to define her unique aesthetic – that has garnered Scheynius so much acclaim in the years since she turned her back on a highly successful modelling career to pursue photography full time.