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Simon Adjiashvili









Rooms a moment before they were abandoned, a moment before they became memory; the last glance before turning off the light and locking the door. The feeling of standing by the room at the very last moment, the door still open, sharpens the gaze and makes it feel fateful. Paradoxically the paintings recreate this fleeting last moment anew. What is more, they recreate it again and again, and transform it to a series of moments. Thus, what could have been seen as the blink of an eye before departure is suspended, as if the door which was about to close behind you has become many doors, and the moment of departure has been extended, thickened.

Eileen Myles - Each Defeat

Please! Keep

reading me


because you’re going to make

me the greatest

poet of

all time


Keep smoothing

the stones in the


let me fry an egg

on your ass

& I’ll pick up

the mail.


I feel your

absence in

the morning

& imagine your

instant mouth

let me move

in with you—


wrapping your limbs

on my back

I grow man woman


I see wild wild wild


Keep letting the

day be massive


Oh please have

my child

      I’m a little


      Prose has some

      Magic. Morgan

had a

whore in

her lap. You

Big fisherman

I love my



I want to lean

my everything

with you

make home for your hubris

I want to read the words you circld over and over again

A slow skunk walking across the road

Yellow, just kind

of pausing

picked up the warm

laundry. I just saw a coyote

tippy tippy tippy

I didn’t tell you about the creature with hair

long hair, it was hit by cars on the highway

Again and again. It had long grey hair

It must’ve been a dog; it could’ve been

Ours. Everyone loses their friends.


I couldn’t tell anyone about this sight.

Each defeat

Is sweet.