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luís soares

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Kiss Me All Night

Junior Boys - Kiss Me All Night EP - Out Now
Produced with the financial assistance of MuchFACT, a division of Bell Media Inc.
Produced by: Part & Parcel Co.
Directed by: Sophia Peer
Director of Photography: Adrian Vieni
Production Coordinator: Shada Morris
1st AC: Calvin D'Souza
2nd AC/DIT: Clara Chan
Grip: Nigel Turgeon-Mannion
Swing: Charles Hutchings
Stylist: Murphy Macdonald-Rea
Production Designer: Matt Bianchi
MUA: Alison Sharp
PA: Max Sims
Second Unit Cinematographer (cloud footage): Forest Erwin
Editor: Matt Posey
Animation: Jay Liquori
3D Animation: Fabricio Lima
Colorist: Nikola Mrdalj
Talent: Natalie Peirano, Mauro Primorac, Cynthia Stone, David Phillips

Special Thanks: Karen Azoulay, Ryan Dickie, Millie Kapp, Erica Magrey, George McCracken, Alexis Powell, Rachel Rabhan, Will Rahilly, Derick Rhodes, Nicole Schneit, Annie Sicherman, Kayla Soyer-Stein, Brina Thurston

W.S. Merwin - By Dark

When it is time I follow the black dog
into the darkness that is the mind of day


I can see nothing but the black dog
the dog I know going ahead of me


not looking back oh it is the black dog
I trust now in my turn after the years


when I had all the trust of the black dog
through an age of brightness and through shadow


on into the blindness of the black dog
where the rooms of the dark were already known


and had no fear in them for the black dog
leading me carefully up the blind stairs.