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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Ocean Vuong - Scavengers

                               Your body wakes

into its quiet rattle.

                                            Ropes & ropes . . .


                   How quickly the animal


                   We’re alone again

                               with spent mouths.


Two trout gasping

                                            on a June shore.

Side by side, I see

                               what I came for, behind


your iris: a tiny mirror.

                                                         I stare

into its silver syllable

                               where a fish with my face

twitches once

                   then gones.


                                            The fisherman

                                                         suddenly a boy

with too much to carry.

Thee Oh Sees - You Will Find It Here

Announcing Thee Oh Sees - An Odd Entrances
a companion to “A Weird Exits"


From the same misty mountain top tape spool as August’s “A Weird Exits”, Thee Oh Sees bring us a companion LP titled “An Odd Entrances". Delving more towards the contemplative side than the face-skinning aspects of "A Weird Exits", "An Odd Entrances" is a cosmic exercise en plein aire with Dwyer and co double drum shuffling, lounging with cellos, following a flute around the groove, and spooling a few Grimm-dark lullabies along the way. Lurking in the grass are a snake or two, like the celestial facing instrumental buzz of Unwrap The Fiend Pt. 1…but for the most part this is a relatively hushed affair, a morning rather than evening listen perhaps. Those that are quick on the uptake will find a flexi with a bonus song on it in the colored vinyl, too. The band plans on donating half of their profits from the first pressing to Elizabeth House, a local charity here in Pasadena that specifically helps homeless women with children get back on their feet. You can read more about the important work that they do here:

An Odd Entrances is out on Castle Face Records Nov. 18th

Patti Smith reads Oscar Wilde

Singer and artist Patti Smith reads from Oscar Wilde’s 100-page letter De Profundis, which he wrote during his two-year incarceration in Reading Prison.

For the first time this notorious prison has opened to the public where artists, writers, performers and ex-prisoners have been responding to the work of Wilde and the environment of the prison itself.

Exhibition curated by Artangel.

Life On Mars?

A canção de 1971, numa mistura de 2016, fará parte da antologia “Legacy (The Very Best Of)”, disponível dia 11. O marcante vídeo foi originalmente rodado pelo fotógrafo Mick Rock e conhece agora uma nova versão.

You'll Soon Be Here

YOU'LL SOON BE HERE from Fabio Petronilli on Vimeo.

A film by Fabio Petronilli - OUP once upon a place / films

In recent years, Lisbon has become one of the European Cities with the larger tourism growth. Each year, 6 million people come to visit the Portuguese capital: 200.000 tourists every day. Tourism brings opportunities in a city heavily hit by global crisis: about 15% of Portugal domestic product and 8% jobs in Portugal, nowadays are related with tourism. But in the meanwhile, the city is basically disappearing: over the last 30 years, Lisbon lost about 300.000 inhabitants, vacancy rate in the traditional centre is over 40%, about 5.000 buildings are disused, and today only 12.000 persons live in the city center. In April 2016, STADSLAB (Urban Design Laboratory of Tilburg University - Amsterdam) organized an international Masterclass on City Making & Tourism Gentrification for professionals and graduates: the urban intervention case-study was focused on Mouraria, one of the oldest Lisbon's neighborhood. Originated as a 13th century Moorish neighborhood and remained a marginal, multicultural and poor downtown area, nowadays, parts of Mouraria are already affected by tourism: cheap property prices and proximity to other tourist destinations raise realistic assumptions that Mouraria will soon face large influx of investment in real estate and tourism infrastructure. The opportunity is its economical development, but the risk is the lost of its identity.

STADSLAB - Masterclass on City Making & Tourism Gentrification - Lisbon, 15-22 April
in partnership with Academia Cidadã