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Governed by Contagions

From the NPR site:

Here we are at the end of 2016, a year fraught with national strife and general WTF-ery. What better way to soundtrack the fraying of nerves of America than the first At The Drive-In song in 16 years?

Sonically, "Governed By Contagions" picks right up where 2000's Relationship Of Command left of, with a nervous and noisy shot of heavy post-hardcore. But like At The Drive-In's most memorable songs, there's a meat hook of a shout-along. "How many bites do you think it takes to get to the cyanide tooth?" rattles Cedric Bixler-Zavala. "Brace yourself, my darling / Brace yourself, my love."

"Governed By Contagions" is available as a free download from the band's site. The YouTube description promises an as-yet-untitled album is forthcoming.

No Visitors After Midnight

Tom Waits live in London 1979 & Live in Chicago 1975

Live at BBC 1979 For TV Show "Live In Person"
- With a suitcase
- Never talk to strangers
- Step right up
- On the nickel
- Red shoes by the drugstore
- Burma
- Kentucky avenue
- Small change
- Closing time

Live in Chicago at PBS Soundstage 1975
- Eggs sausage
- Semi suite
- Diamonds on my windsheld
- Drunk on the moon
- Better off without a wife
- Nightwalk postcards
- The heart of saturday night
- San Diego Serenade