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luís soares

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Modos de viajar.

Não gosto de ir aos sítios sempre da mesma maneira, mas sobretudo quando viajo sozinho, acho que sou um viajante introvertido, com pouca margem para dúvidas.

A propósito de viagens or contraponto, lembrei-me do "The Cultural Ambassador" da Laurie Anderson, que tem este bocadinho assim, que gosto bastante de citar:


And it reminded me of something in a book by Don DeLillo about how terrorists are the only true artists left, because they’re the only ones who are still capable of really surprising people. And the other thing it reminded me of, were all the attempts during the Gulf War to outwit the terrorists, and I especially remember an interesting list of tips devised by the US embassy in Madrid, and these tips were designed for Americans who found themselves in war-time airports. The idea was not to call ourselves to the attention of the numerous foreign terrorists who were presumably lurking all over the terminal, so the embassy tips were a list of mostly don’ts. Things like: don’t wear a baseball cap; don’t wear a sweat shirt with the name of an American university on it; don’t wear Timberlands with no socks; don’t chew gum; don’t yell “Ethel, our plane is leaving!”. I mean it’s weird when your entire culture can be summed up in eight giveaway characteristics.