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luís soares

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"And so on into the flare and glare."

Estive em Londres num hotel em Bedford Place e como é natural, não resisto a transcrever este excerto do "Mrs. Dalloway" da Virginia Woolf, situado ao princípio da noite, no dia de Junho em que decorre a acção. É claro que fiquei também com vontade de reler e rever o "The Hours". Para além de tudo o resto, a maneira como Londres vibra ainda assim quase noventa anos depois, é fascinante:


Beauty anyhow. Not the crude beauty of the eye. It was not beauty pure and simple--Bedford Place leading into Russell Square. It was straightness and emptiness of course; the symmetry of a corridor; but it was also windows lit up, a piano, a gramophone sounding; a sense of pleasure-making hidden, but now and again emerging when, through the uncurtained window, the window left open, one saw parties sitting over tables, young people slowly circling, conversations between men and women, maids idly looking out (a strange comment theirs, when work was done), stockings drying on top ledges, a parrot, a few plants. Absorbing, mysterious, of infinite richness, this life. And in the large square where the cabs shot and swerved so quick, there were loitering couples, dallying, embracing, shrunk up under the shower of a tree; that was moving; so silent, so absorbed, that one passed, discreetly, timidly, as if in the presence of some sacred ceremony to interrupt which would have been impious. That was interesting. And so on into the flare and glare.