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luís soares

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Moviestars - Say Much

Moviestars - Say much from Pablo van Wetten on Vimeo.

MOVIESTARS are an exciting new avant-garde pop band from Amsterdam.
"Say much" was shot on location in awe-inspiring Moscow and we think the video speaks for itself.

What does need to be pointed out is that during the final day of post-production on the video the three musicians from
PUSSY RIOT got sentenced to serve time in prison for raising questions. They did this in the only way they could...
In the opening shot of the video a text on a building reads "FREE PUSSY RIOT!" in Cyrillic (Russian) text. This video is dedicated to people who take risks.
What is the last time you took one?

Music and video by MOVIESTARS
Camera by Danila Goryunkov

Help this video reach the right people and keep on rocking' in the 'free' world.
One love,



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