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Baby, You Knock Me Out

It's Always Fair Weather is a 1955 MGM musical satire scripted by Betty Comden and Adolph Green, who also wrote the show's lyrics, with music by André Previn and starring Gene KellyDan DaileyCyd CharisseDolores Gray, and dancer/choreographer Michael Kidd in his first film acting role.

The film, co-directed by Kelly and Stanley Donen, was made in CinemaScope and Eastmancolor. Although well received critically at the time, it was not a commercial success, and is widely regarded as the last of the major MGM dance oriented musicals. In recent years it has been recognized as a seminal film because of the inventiveness of its dance routines.

It's Always Fair Weather is noted for its downbeat theme, which may have hurt it at the box office, and has been called a rare "cynical musical".

Franz Kline & Frank O'Hara


I will always love you
though I never loved you


a boy smelling faintly of heather
staring up at your window


the passion that enlightens
and stills and cultivates, gone


while I sought your face
to be familiar in the blueness


or to follow your sharp whistle
around a corner into my light


that was love growing fainter
each time you failed to appear


I spent my whole self searching
love which I thought was you


it was mine so briefly
and I never knew it, or you went


I thought it was outside disappearing
but it is disappearing in my heart


like snow blown in a window
to be gone from the world


I will always love you.


Featuring the work of 42 poets and artists, from Dylan Thomas to Frank O’Hara, and Helen Phillips to Willem de Kooning, the portfolio 21 Etchings and Poems, published in 1960, represents a noteworthy collaboration between the visual and literary arts. Each print closely integrates text and image, including a poem written in the hand of its author and imagery created through a wide range of innovative print techniques. Initiated by artist Peter Grippe, director of the renowned Atelier 17 print workshop, and the result of nearly ten years of effort, 21 Etchings and Poems is not only a landmark of mid-20th century American print publishing, but is unique in its inclusion of writers and artists from across the spectrum of 1950s cultural production.

The Man I Love

Official music video for "The Man I Love" covered by Kate Bush. Written by George and Ira Gershwin. "The Man I Love" was recorded as part of an album by Larry Adler called "The Glory of Gershwin". The song was released as a single on 18th July 1994, and the video was directed by Kevin Godley.

Miguel Domingos










Natural de Portalegre, Miguel Domingos começou a sua carreira como fotógrafo em Londres há 10 anos, depois de ter concluído um BA em fotografia na London College of Fashion. Em Nova Iorque, estagiou na Art Partner, agência que representa Mario Testino, Terry Richardson e Mert&Marcus.  Em Paris, colaborou com a Premices Films nos bastidores dos desfiles durante a semana de moda (Vivienne Westwood, Lanvin, Elie Saab e Sonia Rykiel entre outros).
Trabalhou com vários fotógrafos internacionais: Terry Richardson, Glen Luchford, Alasdair McLellan, Asa Tallgard, Horst Diekgerdes e Tom Munro em NY e Paris. Expôs o seu projecto pessoal Future Archive na Casa da Cultura da Comporta e como convidado na ModaLisboa em outubro 2016. Participou também em exposições coletivas no Centro Cultural de Cascais, Luckenpaint Berlin e na 080 Barcelona Fashion Week

EE Cummings - Spring is like a perhaps hand



Spring is like a perhaps hand
(which comes carefully
out of Nowhere)arranging
a window,into which people look(while
people stare
arranging and changing placing
carefully there a strange
thing and a known thing here) and


changing everything carefully


spring is like a perhaps
Hand in a window
(carefully to
and fro moving New and
Old things,while
people stare carefully
moving a perhaps
fraction of flower here placing
an inch of air there) and


without breaking anything.

Cruz Que Eu Carrego

casuar: - Cruz Que Eu Carrego (ft. PZ)


Realização - Tiago Brito

Direção de fotografia - David Caetano

Direção de arte, ilustração e design - Ana Amado

Animação - Tiago Brito e Ana Amado

Produção - Litoral Filmes


Música - Rui Rodrigues

Letra - Rui Rodrigues e Paulo Zé Pimenta

Mistura e masterização - José Evangelista


casuar: gravado no Clube do Capitão Leitão, Lisboa

PZ gravado por João Moreira no Moreira Studios, Porto

CCL Discos




João Moreira

Ana Luísa Monteiro

Pedro Sacchetti

Litoral Filmes

This is Pacifica


Joanna Piotrowska







Joanna Piotrowska was born in 1985, lives and works between London and Warsaw. She studied Photography at the Royal College of Art in London and Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. Her photographic practice focuses on familial structures and their relationship to the wider systems—including politics, economics, social, and cultural life. She explores the past and the present, showing all the inequalities of power and psychological drama, and translating the gestures and everyday intimate behaviors into new scenarios - giving them an almost caricature-like quality. The artist uses her surroundings to show the anxiety and psychological tension of the domestic space - rather as a document of a performance than a documentary image. In 2014 she published her first monograph book "Frowst", published by MACK Books, London. 

White Lily

Laurie Anderson - White Lily / Home Of The Brave, 1986.


What Fassbinder film is it?
The one-armed man comes into the flower shop and says: "What flower expresses 'days go by, and they just keep going by endlessly, endlessly pulling you into the future. Days go by endlessly, endlessly pulling you into the future?'

And the florist says: "White Lily."