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I Guess We're Here

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From MoMA: Chris Ware is a Chicago-based artist and writer who has contributed over two dozen cover images to the New Yorker. Ware’s graphic novels include Building Stories, which was chosen as a Top Ten Fiction Book by the New York Times in 2012, and Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth, the 2000 Guardian Prize winner. His work has been shown at MoCa and the Whitney Museum of American Art. His graphic novel Rusty Brown, Part I comes out this September.

Perpetual Motion

In collaboration with Exposure TV, a student-led organization highlighting composers of marginalized identities, WQXR's summer interns filmed acclaimed cellist Khari Joyner playing Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson's Lamentations, "Black Folk Song Suite."

Performed by Khari Joyner
Produced and Filmed by Allison Weiss and Chelsea Daniel
Audio by George Wellington
Edited by Allison Weiss
Special thanks to Justin Sergi, John Daniels, Jacqui Cheng, Natalia Ramirez, Elli Smerling, and Greta Rainbow

Sketch Artist

"Sketch Artist” by Kim Gordon
Featuring Abbi Jacobson
Director: Loretta Fahrenholz
Producer: Jean Martin / Tasty pictures

DP: Vincent Venturella
Editor: Michael Fandel
AC: Tom Leduc
Colorist: Sally Shamas
Sound Mix, Intro: Jochen Jezussek
Post & Titles: TRLLM (Jak Ritger and K8 Howl) //

Makeup: Natasha Severin, Francesca Martin
Hair: Stacey Sokol, Junie Kang
Stylist: Rike Hemedinger

Dancers: Alicia McDazzler, Christopher Tse, Jamar Campbell, Sarah Polednak, Stephen Keshi
Actors: Abbi Jacobson, Tito Kolsrud, Chloe Coover, J. Brontez Purnell, George, Charlotte Voyer, Tom Leduc

D.A. Powell - Open Gesture of an I

I want to give more of my time
to others the less I have of it,
give it away in a will and testament,
give it to the girls’ club, give it
to the friends of the urban trees.

Your life is not your own and
never was. It came to you in a box
marked fragile. It came from the
complaint department like amends
on an order you did not place with
them. Who gave me this chill life.

It came with no card. It came
without instruction. It said this
end up though I do not trust those
markings. I have worn it upside
downs. I have washed it without
separating and it did not shrink.
Take from it what you will. I will