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Quarto Brandeburguês

Johann Sebastian Bach - Brandenburg Concerto No.4 in G major, BWV 1049

Ensemble Concerto Köln (led by violinist Evgeny Sviridov), recorder players Cordula Breuer and Wolfgang Dey and harpsichord player Wiebke Weidans perform the 'Brandenburg Concerto No. 4' by Johann Sebastian Bach in Het Concertbouw in Amsterdam.


The musicians: Concerto Köln / Evgeny Sviridov [violin and musical guidance] / Cordula Breuer [recorder] / Wolfgang Dey [recorder] / Wiebke Weidans [harpsichord]

Recording: Sunday the 21th of April 2019, live in Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam. This concert is part of Het Zondagochtend Concert (The Sunday Morning Concert), a concertseries by Dutch broadcasters AVROTROS and NPO Radio 4.

Es ist vollbracht

Aria from J. S. Bach's St. John Passion BWV 245 - "Es ist vollbracht" ("It is accomplished") - featuring boy alto Panito Iconomou, soloist of Tölzer Knabenchor, and viola da gamba soloist Christophe Coin.  An inspired, historically informed performance.


alto soloist: Panito Iconomou

viola da gamba soloist: Christophe Coin

Evangelist: Kurt Equiluz

Jesus: Robert Holl

instrumental ensemble: Concentus Musicus Wien

conductor: Nikolaus Harnoncourt

Tölzer Knabenchor director: Gerhard Schmidt-Gaden

Dom in Graz, Austria, ORF, 1985



...Da nun Jesus den Essig genommen hatte, sprach er:


Es ist vollbracht.

ARIE (alt)

Es ist vollbracht,

o Trost vor die gekränkten Seelen,

die Trauernacht

läßt nun die letzte Stunde zählen,

der Held aus Juda siegt mit Macht

und schließt den Kampf.

es ist vollbracht.

Aria mit 30 Veränderungen

The legend surrounding the 'Goldberg Variations', performed here by Jean Rondeau for All of Bach, is such a nice one. Count Hermann Karl von Keyserlinck was having trouble sleeping and asked Bach for some pleasant music to pass the time, to be played by Keyserlinck’s harpsichord prodigy Johann Gottlieb Goldberg.

Recorded for the project All of Bach on June 6th 2017 at the Concertgebouw, Bruges. If you want to help us complete All of Bach, please subscribe to our channel or consider donating

BWV 1004

Live recording from Saint John's Smith Square, London (1978)
Itzhak Perlman - violin


Johann Sebastian Bach - Partita in D Minor, BWV 1004

1:03 Allemande
4:34 Courante
6:36 Sarabande
11:00 Gigue
13:50 Chaconne


Click here for the whole film "I know I played every note":

Christopher Nupen about the performance: 

"A memorable performance of the Bach partita, shot live at a public concert in London which helped us to learn that there is almost always a depth to live performance on film that is frequently missing from studio performances. [...] The partita in D minor partita BWV 1004 includes the great chaconne, one of the towering masterpieces of Western music."

An Allegro Film by Christopher Nupen


Court métrage d'animation de Norman McLaren et de René Jodoin. Dans une sorte de jeu de mouvement, ils font virevolter des sphères blanches dans un ciel coloré en mouvance. Ces sphères s'alignent, se groupent et se multiplient, entrant parfois en collision l'une contre l'autre. Au piano, Glenn Gould exécute des extraits du « Clavecin bien tempéré » de Bach et donne au film son rythme et l'allure qui le caractérise.

Mais logo na Gulbenkian


J.S. Bach: Brandenburg Concert no.3 in G major, BWV 1048
Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra and Ton Koopman
Recorded in the Walloon Church in Amsterdam on June 10, 2012


J.S. Bach: Magnificat in E flat major, BWV 243a (Ton Koopman, Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra)


Bachfest Leipzig 2003 / From the Church of St. Thomas, Leipzig
Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra & Choir
Deborah York, soprano
Bogna Bartosz, alto
Jörg Dürmüller, tenor
Klaus Mertens, baritone
Ton Koopmann, conductor and organist

Komm, süßes Kreuz

JS Bach Matthäus-Passion (BWV 244)
“Komm, süßes Kreuz” (aria)
Philippe Sly
Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Hamburg
conductor - Kent Nagano
Staging - Romeo Castellucci

NDR / Arte Concert / e-motion-factory / Ozango
Staatsoper Hamburg / Deichtorhallen / Internationales Musikfest Hamburg 2016