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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Amy Key - Lousy with unfuckedness, I dream

each night I count ghostlets of how my body was
wanted / behind with deadheading / rose hips have
come / behind with actions that count only / when
the timing is right / I took out a contract / it was
imprudent in value / behind with asepsis / hello
microbes of my body / we sleep together / hello
cats / I make my bed daily / of the three types of
hair on the sheets / only one is human / I count the
bedrooms / I never had sex in / but there were cars
/ wild woods / blackfly has got to all the
nasturtiums / you cannot dig up a grapevine / and
expect shelter to come / I am touched by your letter
/ writes a friend / you prevaricate desire / says
message / all this fucking / with no hands on me