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Anne Carson - Sonnet of Addressing Oscar Wilde

         Who’s that man next to George? I don’t know but she’s kind of cute.
You don’t have to be Venus Xtravaganza nowadays to want to call your boyfriend
   “She”. It is mostly men who do this. Women wonder where it leaves them.
Those who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being
                                              charming. Oscar Wilde
                          to Lord Alfred Douglas (letter of July 1894):
I have no words for how I love you. This question of no words. No words that are legal.
                        No words that do the trick. No words with a shock


                                 all along the edge. How to get a shock.
                              Apply something cold to something hot.
                  Where to go for something cold. If it is winter, go outdoors.
        If it is gender, hesitate. All genders are hot, although the one you are in
                 will generally seem less hot than the one you are out.

From Possessive Used as Drink (Me), a lecture on pronouns in the form of 15 Sonnets by Anne Carson.