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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Anne Sexton - January 24th

Originality is important.


I am alone here in my own mind.

There is no map

and there is no road.

It is one of a kind

just as yours is.

It's in a vapor.  It's in a flap.

It makes jelly.  It chews toads.

It's a dummy. It's a whiz.

Sometimes I have to hunt her down.

Sometimes I have to track her.

Sometimes I hold her still and use a nutcracker.


Such conceit!  Such maggoty thoughts,

such an enormous con

just cracks me up.

My brown study will do me in

gushing out of me cold or hot.

Yet I'd risk my life

on that dilly dally buttercup

called dreams.  She of the origin,

she of the primal crack, she of the boiling

beginning, she of the riddle, she keeps me here,

toiling and toiling.