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Radiohead - Videotape - Live From The Basement


Welcome to Vox Pop: Earworm!


In my first episode of Earworm, I speak with Warren Lain. He's a Radiohead fan who also happens to be an incredibly talented musician and music teacher. In December 2016 he uploaded a 38 minute video to YouTube about a Radiohead song that I deeply love, "Videotape." He had been thinking about the music theory behind this seemingly simple song for the better part of a decade. The reason? “Videotape”, a slow rhythmically monotonous song, is actually syncopated. I’m joined also by Erin Barra, a professor at Berklee College of Music, who helped Warren and I explain this musical illusion.


The ways in which Radiohead's music has challenged me as a musician and songwriter are unspeakable, but I try my best to put it in words in this video about this deeply embedded musical idea hiding in plain sight (hearing): hidden syncopation.

This is a subject worth many more videos and words, but for now, to view it through the lens of "Videotape" I hope excites and motivates you to get out there and really study and make more music.



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