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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Billy-Ray Belcourt - The Creator Is Trans

the creator is trans
and the earth is a psychology experiment
to determine how quickly
we mistake a body for anything
but a crime scene
the product of older crime scenes.
there is a heaven
and it is a place called gay.
gay as in let’s hold up a world together.
gay as in happy to make something out of nothing
and call it love or anything
that resembles a time
in which you don’t have to be those shitty versions of yourself
to become who you are now.
one day i will open up my body
to free all of the people i’ve caged inside me.
i want to visit every tim horton’s in northern alberta
so that homophobes can tell me sad things like
i love you
your hair looks nice
you have nice cheekbones
until someone kills me
and then the creator will write my eulogy
with phrases like
freedom is the length of a good rim job
and the most relatable thing about him
was how often he cried watching wedding videos on youtube.
homonationalism, aimirite?
my grandma thought there was a portal
to the other side in her basement
but it was all of the women she had ever met
praying in a circle
that she would give birth to a world
without men
only women
from other women’s heartbreak.