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Drawn by the distinct, abstract and fluid style of illustrator Aino-Maija Metsola, Vintage Classics commissioned the Helsinki-based designer to work on 6 books by Virginia Woolf.

Here, Aino-Maija expresses her thoughts around working on the cover:

‘I wanted to find a way to translate Woolf’s style of writing and the impressions created in the text into pictures and to discover the atmosphere in each text. Woolf’s writing is very intense and innovative, which was very inspiring for me as an illustrator.

Painting with watercolours enabled me to create pictures that work well with Woolf’s writing. I wanted to use strong colours and combine them with fluid painting that is not completely abstract to give room for interpretation. I’m interested in making pictures with a strong, mysterious atmosphere. I also love playing with colours, and the endless possibilities that they give.

The best moments in my work are the ones when I feel I have made something that is both personal for me and relevant to others. That is not always so easy, but I hope these covers are one of those projects.’

Orlando, A Room of One’s Own, To the Lighthouse, The Waves, Selected Diaries and Mrs Dalloway are published by Vintage Classics on October 6th.