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Cinematic City







Thomas Béhuret, b. 1976, is a French photographer who lives and works in Paris.

After various odd jobs and a career in the restaurant industry in his youth, Thomas decided to follow his creative instinct and focus on photography as a full-time career. 

In his photography, Thomas captures cinematic city scenes, manages to find loopholes and draw clever portraits from urban culture and its daily surroundings.

One part of Thomas inspirational sources is drawn from his work documenting industrial complexes and factory buildings throughout France, which was done on commission by various companies and agencies.

For several years his work has appeared in a number of cultural magazines in both Paris and Montreal, Canada where he lived for some years. Thomas work has been exposed in several galleries and festivals and some of his work can be seen on permanent display at the L'Oeil Ouvert photographic gallery in Paris and on the Tryffelgrisen Gallery website.