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City By The Sea






#work in progress

"Memorie temporelle, comme un mirage" - "A temporary memory like a mirage"

City By the Sea is a collaboration between Kalpesh Lathriga and Emmanuelle Peri surrounding the ideas of perceived and real memories based in Mumbai. The title is taken from the first chapter of Rohinton Mistry's A Fine Balance.


Kalpesh Lathigra (1971, London, UK) studied at London College of Printing , and lives in London. Lathigra's work occupies the space between documentary and  art.  Recent exhibitions include Lost in the Wilderness at Webber Gallery, London, Return to Elsewhere  for Photoworks/Brighton Photo Biennial 2014, National Portrait Gallery (UK), PhotoEspana and Noorderlicht. He has been awarded the  W.Eugene Smith Fellowship, World Press Photo Award and Lightwork Residency. His first book “ Lost in the Wilderness” is a body of photographs with the Oglala Sioux and the Pine Ridge Reservation was published in 2015.