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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Confucius and the Madman

From Tiago Sousa's Bandcamp:

I find the concert to be a central moment in musical practice. I understand it as the only moment of truth regarding music. The entertainment industry imposes upon it normalization, flattening and simulation. It is the fiction and the separation which hold that simulation in place. In it we’re all playing and acting – the artists play off their personalities, all eccentric to a degree, and the audience plays off its voyeur role. This evidence is so strong that it becomes increasingly difficult to find moments of authenticity. Industry fears these moments so much that concerts have ceased to be this moment of truth to have become nothing but hullabaloo. The appreciation of this hullabaloo tends to be either alienating or merely technical. So, when I decided to release Samsara, the image of a lone piano on stage, given to the frailty of fingers that long to spread themselves over the piano keys as much as they long to see life and the world, presented itself to me not only as metaphor but also as reflection. The act of presenting ourselves this naked has become so rare that it can seem radical and new. An unforeseen, unforeseeable and adventurous moment. That is the path I search for with my concerts. They’ve ceased to be performances to have become life. Life that crosses paths with the everyday moments and takes part as much on a stage as it does in a living room.