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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Danez Smith - Undetectable

soundless, it crosses a line, quiets into a seed


& then whatever makes a seed. almost like gone


but not gone. the air kept its shape. not antimatter


but the memory of matter. or of it mattering. it doesn’t


cross my mind now that it whispers so soft it’s almost


silence. but it’s not. someone dragged the screaming boy


so deep into the woods he sounds like the trees now.


gone enough. almost never here. daily, swallowed


within a certain window, a pale-green trail on the tongue


the pale-green pill makes before it’s divvied among


the ghettos of blood, dissolves & absolves


my scarlet brand. ritual & proof. surely science


& witchcraft have the same face. my mother


praises god for this & surely it is his face too.


regimen, you are my miracle. this swallowing


my muscular cult. i am not faithful to much.


i am less a genius of worship than i let on.


but the pill, emerald dialect singing the malady


away. not away. far enough. for now.


i am the most important species in my body.


but one dead boy makes the whole forest


a grave. & he’s in there, in me, in the middle


of all that green. you probably thought


he was fruit.