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Dear Mr. Shakespeare

Dear Mr. Shakespeare from Shola Amoo on Vimeo.

A reinterpretation of Shakespeare's Othello

An exploration of Shakespeare's intentions when writing Othello, exploring the play's racial themes in a historical and contemporary setting and drawing wider parallels between immigration and blackness in the UK today.

Released on The Guardian Website

Director: Shola Amoo
Producer: Rienkje Attoh
Writer/Artist: Phoebe Boswell
Othello: Ashley Thomas
Desdemona: Elisa Lasowski
Spirit: Lanre Malaolu
Nigerian Queen: Tega Okiti
DP: Stil Williams
Editor: Mdhamiri A Nkemi
Composer: Segun Akinola
Art Department: Tamar Clarke Brown
Sound Design: Nikola Medic
Location Sound: Phil Hutchins
Grade: Johny Tulley
Costume: Jeffrey Michael
Steadicam: Andrew Bainbridge
Make Up: Sheeba Raye
1st AD: Kole Onil