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luís soares

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Dreams of the Future

Há fotografias extraordinárias e depois há aquelas que nos tocam a sonhos daqueles que começam na infância e nos acompanham a vida toda. As fotografias de Benedict Grove para a NASA são desse género. Vale a pena ver a galeria da Wired e a do site do autor. E vale a pena também ler as palavras dele depois das imagens abaixo.









To me, there is no other organisation in the world that is more progressive, more exciting or stands more for the betterment of mankind and peace than NASA. In my opinion its the greatest organisation in the world, it involves, science, arts, design, engineering, manufacturing, passion, belief, education, information, creation, technology, always moving forward, always seeking answers and finding them then asking more questions. They educate us, inform us not only about the universe but about our planet too, and pass down technologies into our everyday lives.

I have spent the past seven years on this project with two more before it finishes in the a timely way with the launch of SLS and Orion in 2018. As that launches into a new era, so the full collection will launch as an exhibition and book.

Here is a very small selection of what has been produced so far, in no particular order other than working to NASA's schedule.