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luís soares

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Fast Slow Disco

“I always felt this song could wear many different outfits and live many different lives. here she is in disco pants, sweating on a new york dance floor.” - St. Vincent


Directed by Zev Deans
Producer by Wes Hager
Creative Director: Adam Farrell
Production Company : Panorama Programming / Interzone Films
Loma Vista Recordings
St. Vincent
Director of Photography : Chris Raymond
1st Assistant Director : Brian Koenig
Choreography By : jasmine albuquerque
Styled by: Anastasia Magoutas
Makeup Design : Anouck Sullivan
Hair Stylist : Brandon Dailey
Casting By : Micki Pellerano
Assistant Makeup : Naomi Raddatz
1st Assistant Camera : James Madrid
2nd Assistant Camera : Chris Seehase
DIT : Savannah Bayse
Color Correction: Hechanova digital
Gaffer : Tank Rivara
Key Grip : Gary Wilkins
Best Boy Electric : Mike Kim
Best Boy Grip : Greg Tango
Shot on location at Saint Vitus Bar, NYC
Catering by Christina's, Greenpoint


Special Thanks:
David Castillo, Arthur Shepherd,
Johnny Scuotto,
Tank-Lights-You-Up, Adorama , Wits End ,
Barkode Props, Below the Line
Concept by Jay Buim