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Groundislava - Girl Behind The Glass (feat. Rare Times)

Groundislava’s new album Frozen Throne is, essentially, about one man’s downfall after he loses the girl he loves in a virtual realm. (It’s also, not surprisingly, an homage to William Gibson’s Neuromancer.) There’s a theme that lends itself to a slam-dunk music video, right? Whip up a concept in the vein of The Matrix or Tron, hit “record,” and ta-da! Instant Vimeo hit. Groundislava—aka Jasper Patterson—took it a little further. He made the video a world you can actually play in.


Created by “experimental director duo” The Great Nordic Sword Fights, the resulting “video”—actually more like an interactive videogame (download it here)—for “Girl Behind the Glass” feels like getting lost in a hyper-color Max Headroom clip. Users maneuver through the experience lead by a Power Glove-like hand and are free to look around the environment as they look for the eponymous girl. “If the mouse button is pressed the image will distort with colorful noises and effects,” Patterson says, “simulating a lapse in the character’s grasp on reality.”

in Wired



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