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Hilma af Klint









Hilma af Klint (October 26, 1862 – October 21, 1944) was a Swedish artist and mystic whose paintings were among the first abstract art. A considerable body of her abstract work predates the first purely abstract compositions by Kandinsky. She belonged to a group called "The Five", a circle of women who shared her belief in the importance of trying to make contact with the so-called "High Masters"—often by way of séances. Her paintings, which sometimes resemble diagrams, were a visual representation of complex spiritual ideas.


Hilma af Klint: Paintings for the Future from Felipe Lima on Vimeo.

Commissioned by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum on the occasion of the exhibition
Hilma af Klint: Paintings for the Future
October 12, 2018 — April 23, 2019

Featuring interviews with Tracey Bashkoff, Christine Burgin, Susan Cianciolo, and Josiah McElheny

Produced by Ways & Means
Directed by Ted Gerike and Felipe Lima
Executive Producers Lana Kim and Jett Steiger
Producer Steph Max
Guggenheim Producers Stephan Knuesel and Naomi Leibowitz
Voiceover Narrator Hayley Magnus
Editor Sean Leonard
Music Andrew Miller
Sound Mixer Colin Alexander
Motion Graphics Matthew Miller
Post Sound Unbridled Sound
Sound Supervisor Brent Kiser
Sound Editor Ian Chase
Color Bossi Baker