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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

I Don't Care

“IF U WANT IT” is our first micro-album project on, and comes via 24 year old female Korean singer, songwriter, rapper, house and techno DJ "박혜진 park hye jin”.

Currently residing in Korea, park hey jin is a resident DJ at Pistil Dance Club, with regular broadcast performances on Seoul’s independent underground radio “SCR”. Her style blends elements of dream-state house, raw hip-hop & psychedelic darkwave and mixes her own English and Korean vocals over dreamy synths & thick beats for a forward-thinking dancefloor experience.

Title track IF U WANT IT, has park hye jin singing a duet with herself in Korean over a bangin 4/4 beat, followed rapidly by ABC which finds park croon in English over a smoky piano line before tumbling effortlessly into a motorik fashioned middle breakdown. From there we shift gears, sliding into the deep thunder of Korean vocaled I DON’T CARE, the abyss of CLOSE EYES, before sailing endlessly into the moonlight on EP closer, CALL ME.

We are completely thrilled to present you this exciting underground talent coming out of Seoul.