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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Jack Nicholls (and Google) - We Just Have a Few Questions

I think I’m gay
…going mad
I think i’m falling in love with him


why am I here?
why am I so ugly?


what is love/lupus/hpv
who is harambe?
he or she


you are my sunshine, you are not alone
I wish you were here, wish I was dead
I wish they’d teach us more about Vikings


is david bowie dead?
is emma watson married?
what is the best pokemon?
what is the best way to lose weight?


who are the illuminati? when will the world end?
did the holocaust happen?
did the titantic sink?
did we land on the moon?
what do animals think?


does Google lie?


why are Hindu Gods blue?
who is the richest person in the world?
I am afraid of heights, of you


Lesbian Stepmom Teen Massage
Cartoon Ebony Spanking Large
what to use as lube?
what to use instead of buttermilk?


why is the sky blue? why him? why her? why so serious? why do cats purr
why does my back hurt?
why does my chest hurt?
why does my head hurt?
why does my knee hurt?
why does ice float?
why do men cheat? why do women wear hijab?
why not both?


why do they hate us?
are we the baddies?
will trump start ww3?


what does bae mean?
why is my poop green?


how do I get rich, get home, get you alone?
where is Lapland? where is hot in december?
am I pregnant? why can’t I remember?


I don’t know what to do
how can I help Aleppo?
I don’t know what to do
how can prom venues be decorated?


am I a borderline sociopath?
am I a narcissist?
am I evil?
what’s that song?
am I wrong lyrics
am I wrong?


are we there yet?



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